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Kaaral Maraes

Organic Permanent Color

    Maraes, organic based color line,  an innovative permanent oxidation hair coloring system free of ammonia, PPD, gluten, parabens and SLES.  An effective reconstruction and regeneration treatment for hair, thanks to the precious ingredients in the formula such as organic Monoi de Tahiti oil and Beeswax that protect hair, preventing excessive loss of hydration.

   The formula nourishes the hair from the inside out. The soft texture of the coloring cream makes it easy to apply and the special soothing ingredients help carry the pigments inside the hair shaft. The purity of the color pigments guarantees maximum coverage, color intensity and reflection. Leaving the hair soft, healthy and shiny.

Maraes the Manoia Ritual 

The heart of French Polynesia, with its fragrant islands, colorful flowers, deep blue sea, high volcanic mountains, rain forests, palm and coconut trees is where Kaaral’s research starts its wonderful journey into the ancient local traditions. A return to origins, nature and water as the principle element of life and hair health. Ancient beauty rituals revisited using modern technology to infuse hair with strength, splendor and beauty.

  Monoia, a source of health and strength for your hair.  Monoi has always been the symbol of the beauty of vahine (Tahitian women), who use it for their daily care of body and hair, thanks to its hydrating, smoothing, soothing, and protective action.

   Monoi de Tahiti is a Certified Organic oil obtained from 'enflurage​' of Copra oils and Tiara' Flowers. Its legendary use is linked to mystic rituals, ancestral massages and ancient wisdom.

   A special oil that combines valuable curative properties​ with refined ingredients infused with the unique fragrance of exotic flowers. It conjures up wonderful locations in Polynesia, the homeland of Monoi, where the contrasting forces of nature join together in total harmony to produce pure beauty.

Monoi de Tahiti Oil

Monoi has a hydrating, soothing, and protecting action with a unique fragrance. Rich in antioxidants and Vitamin E, it combats signs of aging and protects the hair, leaving it soft, moisturized, and shining.


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