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                     Features a low pH level & is thio, ammonia & paraben-free. The formula contains cysteine,

a natural amino acid.

                           The patented additive significantly reduces perm odor. Infused with argan & monoi oils.





Perms give a variety of curl options from subtle loose waves, to ringlets & spirals.


Q & A

How long does a perm service require for an appointment?

Depending upon the length and thickness or your hair, this hair service can require anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 hours.


What is the difference between a perm and a body wave?

The difference between a body wave and a perm is the size of the curl desired which determines the size of the rod and the type of wrap to be performed.


After a perm, how do I dry my hair?

Always use low heat with the least amount of air flow. Whenever possible air dry and scrunch.


I want my locks to be as healthy and silky as possible. How can I prep my hair for a perm?

You should never perform any services to your hair prior to a perm. If the wrong products are used, you can cause premature loosening to your perm. It could also cause undesirable results in your perm/wave. 


How long does a perm last?

A perm will generally last about 3-5 months depending upon the size of rod chosen and hair cut & style you wear


Will my hair hold a curl better from a curling iron after a perm?

Yes, this is true. You will also need to curl less of your hair to get the same effect.


What post-perm care items are need?

Use proper after care for shampooing conditioning & styling.

-A leave in conditioner.

-Specific styling products for permed hair.

-A a diffuser for your hair dryer.

-You will need a wide toothed comb.


What types of perms do you offer?





I love curls and I already have curly hair, but it is not a uniform curl throughout my hair. Can curly hair be permed?

Yes, absolutely. If your hair has an irregular curl pattern or is not a uniform curl, a perm is the answer for you.


Can you perm my hair straight?

A reverse perm is just that, it is the same solution applied to perm the hair. In reversing a perm the solution is applied and brushed through to smooth the curls out. With new technology and advancement there is now more effective options such as the  keratin smoothing treatment if you are desiring to achieve straighter or smooth hair.


Should I cut my hair before or after the perm?

You want to wait until after the perm is done before getting a hair cut. The curl will pull that hair up giving it a shorter appearance. You always want to see how much your curl will pull your hair up before cutting anything off.


Will I need a haircut after my perm?

A haircut after a perm is always recommended. Your current hair cut may not be particularly suitable for curls. A good hair shaping allows the hair to be reshaped to match the type of perm you have chosen. Many clients prefer to have this done a week or so after the perm/wave. This allows the hair to "settle in" and keeps the tension off of the newly perm/waved hair while the bonds continue to reform. The least amount of tension applied to the hair after the perm prevent premature loosening of the perm/wave.


Can colored hair safely be permed?

Yes, but this is not the case for everyone. There are several different factors to take into consideration. This answer can only be given upon a consultation. The stylist must first see the condition of the hair in person.


Can perms or waves be performed on children?

A child's hair has not completely keratinized until well after puberty. Keratinized hair is necessary to achieve longevity. The results of a perm are not guaranteed by the salon unless the child is at least 14 years of age. If a child's hair has not yet keratinized, the results of the perm can last anywhere from 1 day to 1 month. Again, because of this, the salon will not guarantee results of a perm on a child less than 14 years of age.

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